Imaging the Magnetic Near-Field of Plasmon Modes in Bar Antennas

  • Denitza DenkovaEmail author
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In this chapter, we show how the scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM) technique can be used to visualize the lateral magnetic near-fields of metallic nanostructures, namely gold bars. We present direct experimental maps of these fields by using hollow-pyramid aperture probe SNOM. The results are supported by numerical simulations in which we first simulate the fields of the probe and the bars separately. Then we simulate and discuss in details how the probe-sample interaction results in the effective formation of a lateral magnetic dipole. This allows obtaining optical contrast in the SNOM images corresponding to the lateral magnetic near-fields of the structures. We verify the results for different bar lengths and wavelengths, respectively different plasmon modes. The obtained specific relation of the bar length versus resonant wavelength (so called dispersion relation), allows to unambiguously confirm that the observed optical contrast is related to plasmonic effects.


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