Policies for Boosting Donor Enlistment in the North Italy Transplant Program Macro-area

  • Tullia Maria De FeoEmail author
  • Massimo Cardillo
  • Nicola De Fazio
  • Giuseppe Piccolo


The imbalance between patients on waiting list and organ availability is the core problem for the transplantation community and search for strategies to increase the number of donors is still the priority of all transplant organizations. North Italy Transplant program (NITp), the first italian transplant organization, was founded in 1972 and during 40-year activity 10229 donors have been used and 30573 organ transplants have been performed. In NITp, the identification of key steps to expand the donor pool and continous education programs, not only on the procurement side but also dedicated to all professionals involved in the donation-transplantation process, have allowed to reach these results.


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