Radiation Tolerance of Normal Brain: QUANTEC 2010 and Beyond

  • Francesca De Felice
  • Vincenzo Tombolini
  • Michela Buglione
  • Daniela Musio
  • Luca Triggiani
  • Stefano Maria MagriniEmail author
Part of the Current Clinical Pathology book series (CCPATH)


External beam radiation therapy (EBRT) plays a central role in the management of high-grade gliomas, both for curative and palliative intent. Advances in treatment strategies have improved patient survival; therefore neurotoxicity became a significant problem. The use of ionizing radiations results in malignant cell damage and induces deterministic or stochastic side effects on normal tissues.


Brain Radiation therapy Cell damage Side effects Tissue Dose Volume Organ at risk Target QUANTEC Constrains Toxicity Tolerance 


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