Tunable Transmission Line Metamaterials

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Transmission line metamaterials using the possibility of forward- and backward wave propagation or the independent design of the phase and impedance (Eleftheriades, et al. IEEE Trans Microw Theory Tech, 50:2702–2712, 2002, [1], Iyer, Eleftheriades, 2002 IEEE MTT-S international microwave symposium digest, vol 2, pp 1067–1070, 2002, [2], Caloz, Itoh, 2003 IEEE MTT-S international microwave symposium digest, vol 1, pp 195–198, 2003, [3], Caloz, Itoh, IEEE Trans Antennas Propag 52:1159–1166, 2004, [4], Lai, et al. IEEE Microw 5(3):34–50, 2004, [5]), have a broad range of potential applications.


Effective Permittivity Liquid Crystal Molecule Frequency Selective Surface Liquid Crystal Layer Alignment Layer 
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