Hybrid Example-Based Single Image Super-Resolution

  • Yang XianEmail author
  • Xiaodong Yang
  • Yingli Tian
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Image super-resolution aims to recover a visually pleasing high resolution image from one or multiple low resolution images. It plays an essential role in a variety of real-world applications. In this paper, we propose a novel hybrid example-based single image super-resolution approach which integrates learning from both external and internal exemplars. Given an input image, a proxy image with the same resolution as the target high-resolution image is first generated from a set of externally-learnt regression models. We then perform a coarse-to-fine gradient-level self-refinement on the proxy image guided by the input image. Finally, the refined high-resolution gradients are fed into a uniform energy function to recover the final output. Extensive experiments demonstrate that our framework outperforms the recent state-of-the-art single image super-resolution approaches both quantitatively and qualitatively.


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This work was supported in part by ONR grant N000141310450 and NSF grants EFRI-1137172, IIP-1343402.


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