A Non-rigid Face Tracking Method for Wide Rotation Using Synthetic Data

  • Ngoc-Trung TranEmail author
  • Fakhreddine Ababsa
  • Maurice Charbit
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9493)


This paper propose a new method for wide-rotation non-rigid face tracking that is still a challenging problem in computer vision community. Our method consists of training and tracking phases. In training, we propose to use a large off-line synthetic database to overcome the problem of data collection. The local appearance models are then trained using linear Support Vector Machine (SVM). In tracking, we propose a two-step approach: (i) The first step uses baseline matching for a good initialization. The matching strategy between the current frame and a set of adaptive keyframes is also involved to be recoverable in terms of failed tracking. (ii) The second step estimates the model parameters using a heuristic method via pose-wise SVMs. The combination makes our approach work robustly with wide rotation, up to \(90^{\circ }\) of vertical axis. In addition, our method appears to be robust even in the presence of fast movements thanks to baseline matching. Compared to state-of-the-art methods, our method shows a good compromise of rigid and non-rigid parameter accuracies. This study gives a promising perspective because of the good results in terms of pose estimation (average error is less than \(4^o\) on BUFT dataset) and landmark tracking precision (5.8 pixel error compared to 6.8 of one state-of-the-art method on Talking Face video. These results highlight the potential of using synthetic data to track non-rigid face in unconstrained poses.


3D face tracking Out-of-plane tracking Rigid tracking Non-rigid tracking Face matching Synthesized face Face matching 


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  • Fakhreddine Ababsa
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  • Maurice Charbit
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