Extracellular Matrix and Tissue Regeneration

  • Zygmunt MackiewiczEmail author
  • Yrjö Tapio Konttinen
  • Emilia Kaivosoja
  • Vasily Stegajev
  • Hanoch Daniel Wagner
  • Jaakko Levón
  • Veli-Matti Tiainen


Extracellular matrix (ECM) is an important component of stem cell niche areas, which provide residence, regulate stem cell pool size and control stem cell mobilization. ECM is a complex interlinked composite of collagenous molecules, non-collagenous molecules and water-rich mucopolysaccharide ground substance. Cells are integrated to their matrix via integrin and non-integrin receptors, which control adhesion, migration, division, growth, anoikis, transdifferentiation and other cellular behaviour. ECM safeguard cells and tissue architecture and strength, but also growth factor deposits, which proteinases as signalling scissors can release in a site- and process-specific manner. Selected processes, like wound healing, cartilage and heart ECM, and tumor growth are used to exemplify participation of ECM in tissue regenerative processes.


Extracellular matrix Stem cells Regeneration 



This work was supported EU Matera grant “Bioactive Nanocomposite Constructs for Regeneration of Articular Cartilage”, European Science Foundation “Regenerative Medicine” RNP, Danish Council for Strategic Research, Finska Lakaresallskapet, Orion Foundation and EU COST 533 Biotribology Action.


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