Towards Truly Elastic Distributed Graph Computing in the Cloud

  • Lu Lu
  • Xuanhua Shi
  • Hai JinEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9464)


Elasticity is very important to the scale-out distributed systems running on today’s large-scale multi-tenant clouds, regardless public or private. An elastic distributed data processing system must have the capability of: (1) dynamically balancing the computing load among workers due to their performance heterogeneity and dynamicity; (2) fast recovering the lost memory state of failure workers with acceptable overheads during the regular execution.

Unfortunately, we found that the design of the state-of-the-art distributed graph computing system only works well in small sized dedicated clusters. We implement a distributed graph computing prototype, X-Graph, and demonstrate the capabilities of being elastic in three ways. First, we present menger, a novel two-level graph partition framework, which further splits one worker-level partition into several sub-partitions as the basic migration units, and each has the “migration affinity” with one of the other workers. Second, we implement a dynamical load balancer based on menger, which prefers the worker that has the affinity of the sub-partition to be migrated as the destination, and completely avoids the costly sophistical graph re-partitioning algorithms. Third, we implement a differentiated replication frame-work, which supports parallel recovery for lost partitions just like general-purpose dataflow systems.


Fault Tolerance Input Graph Execution Engine Distribute File System Dynamic Load Balance 
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This paper is partly supported by the NSFC under grant No. 61433019 and No. 61370104, International Science and Technology Cooperation Program of China under grant No. 2015DFE12860, MOE- Intel Special Research Fund of Information Technology under grant MOE-INTEL-2012-01, and Chinese Universities Scientific Fund under grant No. 2014TS008.


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