Efficient Search-Based Automatic Execution Replay for Virtual Machines

  • Tao WangEmail author
  • Jianhua Zhang
  • Wenbo Zhang
  • Jiwei Xu
  • Jun Wei
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9464)


Execution replay of virtual machines is a useful method for debugging applications in the cloud computing environment. The traditional methods to reproduce a bug is recording every details during the system runtime. However, these methods will incur much overhead and affect the system performance, especially in a multicore processor system. In this paper, we present a virtualization-based execution replay method consisting of three steps. First, we only record some necessary events in the runtime and take a memory checkpoint in a regular interval. Second, we search for execution paths between every two adjacent checkpoints. Third, we reproduce the bugs according to these paths. We can decrease the logging overhead in the runtime by searching instead of logging. We have implemented the method and evaluate it on Xen. The experimental results demonstrate that our method can reduce the runtime overhead by 30 % effectively.


Replay Virtual machine Xen Cloud computing 



This work was supported in part by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Project 61402450, and the Beijing Natural Science Foundation under Project 4154088.


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  • Tao Wang
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    Email author
  • Jianhua Zhang
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  • Wenbo Zhang
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  • Jiwei Xu
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  • Jun Wei
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