Circuit Implementation of Parallel Logical Control Algorithms Represented in PRALU Description

  • P. N. BibiloEmail author
  • Yu. V. Pottosin
  • V. I. Romanov
  • A. D. Zakrevskij
Part of the Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series (SSDC, volume 45)


Software system for circuit implementation of parallel logical control algorithmsLOCON-2 is described in this chapter. The system allows obtaining proper descriptions (models) in VHDL at any stage of transforming descriptions of the control algorithms. Obtaining of VHDL models provides possibility to integrate LOCON-2 with the synthesizers of logic circuits.


Digital circuits implementation Parallel logical control algorithms VHDL PRALU 


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    Email author
  • Yu. V. Pottosin
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  • V. I. Romanov
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  • A. D. Zakrevskij
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