General Introduction: Towards a Multistakeholder Approach to Network Neutrality

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This book is the result of a collective work aimed at providing deeper insight into what is network neutrality, how does it relates to human rights and free competition and how to properly frame this key issue through sustainable policies and regulations. The Net Neutrality Compendium stems from 3 years of discussions nurtured by the members of the Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality (DCNN), an open and multi-stakeholder group, established under the aegis of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF). The creation of the DCNN was proposed by one of the co-editors of this book, Luca Belli, during the Council of Europe’s Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on Network Neutrality and Human Rights (MSDNN), in order to foster a cooperative analysis of the net neutrality debate and promote the elaboration of policy suggestions for the protection of network neutrality. Many of the stakeholders involved in the Council of Europe MSDNN manifested their interest in the initiative, and the establishment of the DCNN was officially approved by the IGF Secretariat in July 2013.


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