Enhancing the Quality of Medical Image Database Based on Kernels in Bandelet Domain

  • Nguyen Thanh BinhEmail author
Conference paper
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Diagnostic imaging has contributed significantly to improving the accuracy, timeliness and efficiency of healthcare. Most of medical images have blur combined with noise because of many reasons. This problem will give difficulties to health professionals because each of small details is very useful for the treatment process of doctors. In this paper, we proposed a new method to improve the quality of medical images. The proposed method includes two steps: denoising by Bayesian thresholding in bandelet domain and using the Kernels set for deblurring. We undervested the proposed method by calculating the PSNR and MSE values. This method gives the result better than the other recent methods available in literature.


Deblurring Denoising Bandelet domain Bayesian thresholding Kernels Medical image 


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