Magnetic, Magnetocaloric, Magnetotransport, and Magneto-optical Properties of Ni–Mn–In-Based Heusler Alloys: Bulk, Ribbons, and Microwires

  • I. DubenkoEmail author
  • N. Ali
  • S. Stadler
  • Arcady Zhukov
  • Valentina Zhukova
  • B. Hernando
  • V. Prida
  • V. Prudnikov
  • E. Gan’shina
  • A. Granovsky
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 231)


In this review, we will survey recent experimental results on magnetic, magnetocaloric, magnetotransport, and magneto-optical properties of Ni–Mn–In-based Heusler alloys in bulk polycrystalline samples, melt-spun ribbons, and glass-coated microwires. These ternary Ni–Mn–In and doped, quaternary alloys comprise a novel class of multifunctional magnetic materials with exceptional properties related to the magnetostructural martensitic transformation. We will focus on recent developments that have led to a better understanding of properties that are promising for applications, possible routes for improvements, and the identification of unsolved problems.


Heusler alloys Magnetocaloric effect Martensitic transition Ribbons Microwires Magnetotransport properties Magnetooptics 



Martensitic transition


Magnetostructural transition






Austenitic phase


Martensitic phase


Anomalous Hall effect






Transverse Kerr effect


Spin–orbit interaction



This work was supported by the Office of Basic Energy Sciences, Material Science Division of the US Department of Energy (DOE, Grant No. DE-FG02-06ER46291 (SIU) and DE-FG02-13ER46946 (LSU)), by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (MSU), by the Spanish MINECO, and by the projects MAT2013-48054-C2-2-R and MAT2013-4731-C2-1-P.


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