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  • Peter Spyns
  • María-Esther Vidal


This chapter presents various loosely organized practical tips and tricks on how to properly review a paper taking into account the principles of the previous chapter. All tips and tricks are elaborated, and many are illustrated with excerpts of actual reviews (of course, all identifying details have been removed). A few of these are taken from the comments given by Ph.D. students participating in earlier editions of the OnTheMove Academy [the OTMA ( is a highly tutored and interactive (some might call it “shepherded”) workshop where Ph.D. students present their work, receive critical comments and tailored suggestions on their paper and poster and writing and presentation skills, and participate in a peer reviewing exercise; background material (e.g., general tips and tricks, an example poster template) and a comparison with other Ph.D. workshops are available (cf.] reviewing exercise. Also, some anecdotal background is given to better illustrate the dilemmas a reviewer sometimes faces. Some excerpts constitute bad practice and, hence, are not to be “adopted.” A reader of this chapter should end up sufficiently “armed” to autonomously perform good scientific reviews.


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