Multivariate L-Moments Based on Transports

  • Alexis DecurningeEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9389)


Univariate L-moments are expressed as projections of the quantile function onto an orthogonal basis of univariate polynomials. We present multivariate versions of L-moments expressed as collections of orthogonal projections of a multivariate quantile function on a basis of multivariate polynomials. We propose to consider quantile functions defined as transports from the uniform distribution on \([0;1]^d\) onto the distribution of interest and present some properties of the subsequent L-moments. The properties of estimated L-moments are illustrated for heavy-tailed distributions.


Orthogonal Basis Quantile Function Optimal Transport Conditional Quantile Multivariate Extension 
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This work was performed during the PhD of A. Decurninge supported by the DGA/MRIS and Thales.


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  1. 1.Mathematical and Algorithmic Sciences Lab, France Research CenterHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd.Boulogne-BillancourtFrance

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