Non-convex Relaxation of Optimal Transport for Color Transfer Between Images

  • Julien Rabin
  • Nicolas PapadakisEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9389)


Optimal transport (OT) is a major statistical tool to measure similarity between features or to match and average features. However, OT requires some relaxation and regularization to be robust to outliers. With relaxed methods, as one feature can be matched to several ones, important interpolations between different features arise. This is not an issue for comparison purposes, but it involves strong and unwanted smoothing for transfer applications. We thus introduce a new regularized method based on a non-convex formulation that minimizes transport dispersion by enforcing the one-to-one matching of features. The interest of the approach is demonstrated for color transfer purposes.


Optimal transport Relaxation Color transfer 


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  1. 1.GREYC, UMR 6072Université de CaenCaenFrance
  2. 2.CNRS, IMB, UMR 5251TalenceFrance

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