Implementation of Cross-Protect Router

  • Jerzy DomżałEmail author
  • Robert Wójcik
  • Andrzej Jajszczyk
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The first implementation of the cross-protect router is described in this chapter. Moreover, the results of tests of an XP router prototype conducted in a laboratory are presented. These results show the advantages of the XP router over the IP router. It is shown that traffic in FAN is served fairly and the packets of streaming flows are transmitted with high priority. Moreover, test results confirm that streaming flows are served with acceptable quality even in highly loaded links, which is not observed for the classic IP network. The tests also show several problems which were not caught by the simulation studies presented before. The tests ultimately show that Flow-Aware Networking works as a concept, and that, by reaching maturity, it is ready for large-scale deployment. As a software framework for the implementation the Click Modular Router environment which is widely used for building experimental software routers and switches was chosen.


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The authors would like to thank Piotr Jurkiewicz, Jakub Dudek, and Łukasz Romański for their support, valuable comments, and suggestions on improving the quality of this chapter.


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  • Robert Wójcik
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