Control of Coordinated Systems Traffic Lights. Cloud Computing Technology

  • Elzbieta GrzejszczykEmail author
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In area traffic coordination systems, both local and centralised databases play a very important role. They serve as massive historical and real-time data containers. Managing such a huge repository of information in on-line mode requires highly specialised tools embedded in tele-transmission solutions provided by CC (Cloud Computing) technology. The use of this tool become the basis of the traffic control systems in Intelligent Transport Systems presented and described in this paper as an example. This article shortly presents the database tools of Microsoft Azure technology (CC) and refers to well known database tools of Windows platform (i.e. MS SQL). The next presents database distributed management system supervising defined area traffic connections were take place a road traffic collision. The analyzed service is an example of a cloud computing application using an SQL Azure database to modify control parameters for a selected of intersections. Such modification occurs when a priority request for an event is handled (interrupt generated during a car traffic collision).


Control telematics CC as ITS technology Smart database distributed management system 


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