Rail Traffic Remote Control Systems Within the Areas Affected by the Occurrence of Mining Damage and Railway Safety

  • Beata Grabowska–BujnaEmail author
  • Sonia Wieczorek
  • Jerzy Mikulski
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 531)


Current railway with the use of the whole automation industry news should primarily be safe. This rule applies mainly to those systems which are directly related to the management of railway traffic. The difficulty of selecting appropriate rail traffic control systems occurs when the railway infrastructure is located within the areas affected by mining operations. From the point of view of railway safety in general, Railway Board identifies the results of the mining damage and its impact on railway infrastructure as a potential risk, which can lead to the accident. The aim of this article is to indicate the methods of identification, analysis and risk assessment of rail traffic remote control systems installation process in areas affected by the occurrence of mining damage in terms of safety improvement.


Railway traffic control Mining damages Safety Risk assessment 


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  • Sonia Wieczorek
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  • Jerzy Mikulski
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  2. 2.University of Economics in KatowiceKatowicePoland

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