Primary INBONE Total Ankle Systems

  • Ryan T. ScottEmail author
  • Christopher F. Hyer
  • Gregory C. Berlet


Treatment of degenerative joint disease of the ankle has experienced a renaissance in the past decade as total ankle replacement has become a predictable alternative to ankle fusion for end-stage disease. There are several total ankle replacement systems on the market including the INBONE Total Ankle System that was US Food and Drug Administration 510-k cleared for use in 2005 and consists of a saddle-shaped, fixed-bearing, two-component design with the polyethylene-bearing surface locked into the tibial baseplate. The INBONE II Total Ankle System is an evolution of the original INBONE Total Ankle System design. This new system retains several important design characteristics of the original INBONE Total Ankle System design, including the modular tibial stems, thicker polyethylene bearings, and intramedullary guidance. In conclusion, the INBONE I and INBONE II Total Ankle Systems offer the advantages of a robust technique with advanced instrumentation when managing the arthritic ankle.


Total ankle arthroplasty INBONE Ankle replacement 


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