Revision of the Failed INBONE Total Ankle Systems

  • Sameh A. LabibEmail author
  • Jason T. Bariteau


Total ankle replacement demonstrates reliable improved clinical function and enhances gait parameters in patients with end-stage ankle arthritis. There are also a significant number of patients, however, who will require revision surgery and/or salvage arthrodesis for prosthetic failure and patient-related complications. Total ankle replacement is just beginning to have surgical series with midterm and long-term results, and there is currently a paucity of evidence about the role of component revision for total ankle replacement. Accordingly, future work is needed to define the appropriate role of revision total ankle replacement. There is need for enhanced instrumentation and dedicated revision prosthetic components to better deal with challenges of bone loss and malalignment that the revision setting presents. However, in select instances, INBONE and INBONE II Total Ankle Systems are important tools for foot and ankle specialists to consider when planning revision total ankle replacement.


Total ankle arthroplasty INBONE Ankle replacement 


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