Managing Varus and Valgus Malalignment During Total Ankle Replacement

  • Mark A. Prissel
  • Murray J. Penner
  • Gregory C. Berlet
  • Christopher Bibbo
  • Christopher F. Hyer
  • Thomas S. RoukisEmail author


Frontal plane deformity is a frequent concern among surgeons performing total ankle replacement (TAR). Maintaining correct frontal plane stability is paramount to the initial success and ultimate longevity of the prosthesis. Inappropriate management of varus or valgus malalignment in primary TAR can result in early predictable failure requiring revision. The editors of this book are truly experts in management of the subtleties of TAR including an innate appreciation of the importance of proper management of frontal plane deformity. This chapter will function as an “ask the experts” panel with posed questions and offered responses by each panel member. The responses are truly “expert opinion” and are not intended to heavily reference peer-reviewed publications for validation, but rather detail each panelist’s experience from his own practice. Some of the concepts and responses detailed throughout this chapter may initially appear redundant; however, the repetitive echoing of expert understanding demonstrates the necessity for the novice or developing TAR surgeon to acknowledge the importance of these repeated themes and agreed tenets of the management of frontal plane deformity in TAR.


Ankle arthritis Arthroplasty Instability Malalignment Replacement Tendon transfer 


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