Diet and Nutritional Requirements

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Nutrition is one of mankind’s fundamental needs. He has always been on the lookout for the most suitable foods from both a qualitative and quantitative point of view. With the coming into being of the food industry, the number of food products has progressively increased, and in developed countries, the pace of in-novation is continuously on the rise. On the one hand, such a wide possibility of choice has solved the problem of quantity, but on the other, it does not always prove to be useful in making an optimal choice of food in terms of quality. In the past few years there have been in-depth studies on nutrition in order to understand the effects foodstuffs have on the functioning of the human organism, therefore, the two dietary regimes being food and nutrition, are more and more interrelated. In fact, it is no longer enough to know the characteristics of a foodstuff, but it is necessary to follow the route it sets within our organism so as to be able to free those useful substances, and understand if and in what measure they are used for metabolic scopes. Guidelines on nutrition have progressively evolved with time offering some valid help, while taking into consideration a more and more rapid evolution of nutritional studies. If the freedom an individual has as regards food products is greater and greater, it is also true that each choice is reflected on the state of wellbeing with time.


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