State Space Search with Stochastic Costs and Risk Aversion

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In this paper we study state space search problems where the costs of transitions are uncertain. Cost uncertainty can be due to the existence of several scenarios impacting the entire set of transitions; it can also result from local random factors impacting each transition independently, or from more complex combinations of these two cases. This leads us to consider three different settings for handling cost uncertainty in state space graphs. For each of them, we recall some key properties of first-order and second-order stochastic dominance. Then we propose dominance-based heuristic search algorithms to determine the set of possibly optimal solutions with respect to the expected utility model and Yaari’s model, with and without assuming risk aversion. Finally, to preserve scalability on large-size instances, we adapt these algorithms for the fast determination of an \(\varepsilon \)-covering of the potentially optimal solutions.


State space search Uncertainty Stochastic dominance 



I wish to thank Patrice Perny and Olivier Spanjaard for their interesting discussions on the problem, and the reviewers for their comments.


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