Principles of Specific Formal Parameters

  • Marià Corbí
Part of the Sophia Studies in Cross-cultural Philosophy of Traditions and Cultures book series (SCPT, volume 14)


Living creatures, both human and non-human, do not live through abstract concepts. They live through the sensory, the qualitative and the specific, both regarding themselves and their environments. The difference is that, in humans, shaping the environment and the system of responses and action is not genetic. We must do this through language. It is a cultural phenomenon. Humans live in a world of representations. This does not change the fact that, as living creatures, we must operate with the specific, with the qualitative. This fact has serious consequences for the societies of knowledge.

This section also analyses the elasticity of linguistic formations: denomination/definition and its consequences in creating metalanguages, both abstract and axiological. It addresses the problem of formalising all that is specific or qualitative; the elementary structure of signification and the formal parameters of transformation; discourse and its actantial structure.


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