Coverage and Connectivity and Density Criteria in 2D and 3DWireless Sensor Networks

  • Nasser Al-Qadami
  • Andrey KoucheryavyEmail author
Conference paper
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Sensor networks have implemented in many resent interest, such as remote tracking, atmospheric, flying sensor networks, space communications and environmental monitoring in real-time, etc. Although most wireless sensor networks are designed to work on two-dimensional (2D) plane, in reality, sensor networks usually deployed in three dimensions (3D) space. Expanding wireless sensor networks from 2D to appropriate 3D spaces facing many difficulties and the network topology is getting more complex in 3D than the topology of 2D. This paper focuses on major issues in designing WSNs: coverage, connectivity, density criteria and the ratio of transmission range to sensing range in 2D and 3D WSNs, where the goal is to improve the accuracy of wireless sensor networks and the results of this paper could be used for extending the design of WSNs from 2D to 3D sensor networks.


Network topology Deployment Coverage Connectivity Network density 


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