CloudWave Smart Middleware for DevOps in Clouds

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  • Oscar Rodríguez RochaEmail author
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Nowadays the IT Clouds are used to provide services and run applications (in a flexible and scalable way) where the entire lifecycle of the application or service is under the control of the Cloud Management Subsystem that is able to automatically and autonomously start, stop, restart a server or an application. Additionally, it is able to determine when a certain application or service is running under overload conditions and reduce the load by adding additional virtual machines hosting the affected software or releasing the resources not used anymore. These are classic operations performed by nowadays Clouds. However little effort has been dedicated to support a developer during the application development process or during the service execution by changing the application behavior dependently on the service’s components response and availability. The CloudWave project founded by the European Commission within the FP7 Research Program aims to contribute on these underdeveloped concepts. It contributes to the development process of a service or application in a feedback-driven way and also to the service execution by adapting the service accordingly to the execution environment and condition changes.


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