Application for Selective Streaming of Video Components

  • Humera SiddiquaEmail author
  • Hamid Shahnasser
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Streaming of video components has become a popular form of media service on the Internet. With the advancement in recent computer and networking technologies audio-video streaming has given rise to interesting applications. But, the variable nature of the wireless medium and limited bandwidth will not lend itself easily to support audio-video streaming. In this paper, we propose an application to provide a standard interface for selective streaming of different components of the video from the server within the desired bandwidth allocation. Specifically, the application is designed for capabilities of searching and selecting the best combination of audio, and/or video files with varying resolutions to deliver a scalable, high-performance audio and/or video seamless streaming experience over the internet. This avoids undesirable throttling of data, meets desired needs, saves user bandwidth and power consumption.


Adaptive bitrate streaming Bandwidth allocation Power consumption Selective streaming 


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