Inequalities and Operators Involving Magnetic Fields

  • Alexander A. Balinsky
  • W. Desmond Evans
  • Roger T. Lewis
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In classical mechanics the motion of charged particles depends only on electric and magnetic fields E, B which are uniquely described by Maxwell’s equations:
$$\displaystyle{\nabla \cdot \mathbf{E} = 4\pi \rho,}$$
$$\displaystyle{\nabla \cdot \mathbf{B} = 0,}$$
$$\displaystyle{\nabla \times \mathbf{E} = -\frac{\partial \mathbf{B}} {\partial t},}$$
$$\displaystyle{\nabla \times \mathbf{B} = 4\pi \mathbf{J} + \frac{\partial \mathbf{E}} {\partial t}.}$$


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  • W. Desmond Evans
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