Policy Proposals

  • Roger James Kuhns
  • George H. Shaw


Eight policy proposals are outlined that build the components of a comprehensive sustainable energy policy on the federal level. These policies include (1) The Carbon Pricing Act, (2) The EV Transport Act, (3) The Energy Corridor Act, (4) The Power Generation Act, (5) The EV Support Act, (6) The Microgrid Act, (7) The High-Tech Act, and (8) The Zero CO2 Public Transportation Act. These eight proposals address the principal energy sectors and address funding, job creation, education, and innovation. The proposals begin with the pricing of carbon, and this is necessary to set the stage for the transition from a carbon economy to a clean energy economy and for ensuring US households are not negatively impacted by cost fluctuations in the energy generation and distribution sectors. It is recognized that there are many challenges in passing legislation such as these through Congress, but each of the proposals is simplified and stand-alone to be addressed individually. Collectively, once enacted into law, these policies will greatly strengthen the energy economy, and, by association, many other aspects of the economy as the United States move toward a sustainable society.


Carbon pricing Carbon tax/carbon fee Transportation Energy corridor Electric vehicle Microgrid Pumped storage Nuclear reservation Sustainable Dividend Global warming Job creation Carbon market Carbon credit Sequestration Environment Economy Community EV CAFÉ Transmission Hybrid Grid Technology CO2 

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