Techno Economic Evaluation of Processes Involved to Manufacture Liquid Sulphur Dioxide and Liquid Sulphur Trioxide

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Sulphur dioxide has been a key chemical starting point of many chemical products including Sulphuric Acid, liquid sulphur dioxide, oleums, liquid sulphur trioxide etc., Recently the requirement for liquid sulpur dioxide has increased due to production of specialty chemicals in the production of petroleum products. With the uncertainty of the prices of oil, this industry has become very competitive. Hence, technologies established over several decades have to be revalued for their capital cost, utility cost, manpower requirements, maintenance, environment and safety considerations. It is also the starting step for the cold process for the manufacturer of sulphuric acid, liquid sulphur trioxide, oleum under high pressure conversion with zero emission of sulphur dioxide. Industrially Sulphur dioxide is produced in greater quantity than any other Sulphur compound for the past century. The major derivative of Sulphur dioxide is Sulphuric acid which is considered as a barometer of chemical industry of any country. That is why Sulphur dioxide-the starting material of Sulphuric acid and Sulphur derivatives is known as the ‘King of Chemicals’.


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