Chemical and Physical Properties of Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphur Trioxide

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In order to appreciate the impact of the properties of liquid sulphur dioxide and liquid sulphur trioxide on future technology, it is important that an in-depth analysis of their properties be understood. Though the data given in this chapter are available in literature, the practical application of the remarkable physical as well as chemical properties of sulphur dioxide and sulphur trioxide has been experienced and applied on large scale only recently. The three main features of these two important chemicals are: (a) High solubility of sulphur trioxide in liquid sulphur dioxide (b) Reaction of liquid sulphur trioxide with liquid sulphur in stoichiometric proportions instantaneously to produce sulphur dioxide by reaction \({\text{S}} + 2 {\text{SO}}_{ 3} = 3 {\text{ SO}}_{ 2}\) (c) Liquefaction of pure sulphur dioxide at room temperatures under moderate pressures of 5–6 kg/cm2.


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