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Science and technology can never remain stagnant. Innovation and research has been the driving force for progress. Sulphur based chemicals particularly Sulphuric Acid manufacturing process is no exception. Over the past two centuries the technology to produce Sulphuric acid and sulphonating agents has witnessed many milestones which are outlined in detail in this chapter. In the 21st century an attempt is made in this presentation of a new, unconventional and innovative approach to produce sulphuric acid and sulphonating agent without a sulphur furnace, multipass converters, heat exchangers or expensive towers. A special feature of this process will be zero emission of sulphur dioxide, eliminating more than one million tonnes of acid rain at the current production of Sulphuric Acid in the world. This process will also provide a new direction to sulphonation processes using liquid sulphur dioxide and liquid sulphur trioxide.


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