AETAS: A System for Semanticizing Temporal Expressions from Unstructured Contents

  • Zagros Ardalan
  • Carme MartínEmail author
  • Lluís Padró
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9239)


AETAS is an online tool for converting text into RDF linked data with resolution of temporal expressions. AETAS follows fully SOA architecture and is accessible via web-service. It implements a novel approach for semantic representation and linked temporal graphs built from natural language sentences. In this paper, we present a demonstration tool, which combines the normalized temporal expressions with linguistic semantic frames and creates a linked RDF graph where time is defined as an individual dimension. The tool is based on SUTime which identifies and normalizes the temporal expressions and on FreeLing, a linguistic processor which extracts the semantics of sentences. The output of AETAS is a set of time-enriched triples that can be stored in a RDF database for later \(\tau \)-SPARQL querying.



This research has been partially funded by the Spanish Government via the SKATER project (TIN2012-38584-C06-01).


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