Green Marketing and Sustainable Development: A Statistical Survey on Ikea Customers’ Perception

  • Pierlugi Passaro
  • Paola PerchinunnoEmail author
  • Dario Antonio Schirone
Conference paper
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The definition and adoption of practices “sustainable” at economic, social and environmental level, is an important tool to respond to multiple pressures from different stakeholders operating at multiple levels (local, national and supranational). The idea of sustainability implies a crucial change in the relationship between the company and the community (understood in a more or less wide) belongs to. In order to assess whether the adoption of a socially responsible conduct has a positive impact on turnover of manufacturing enterprises, this works refers to the multinational IKEA, among those working in the field of furniture.


Green marketing Environmental sustainability Statistical survey 


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  • Pierlugi Passaro
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  • Paola Perchinunno
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    Email author
  • Dario Antonio Schirone
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  1. 1.DISAGUniversity of BariBariItaly
  2. 2.Law DepartmentUniversity of BariBariItaly

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