User’s Individual Needs Oriented Parametric Design Method of Chinese Fonts

  • Qijun Duan
  • Xiaoli ZhangEmail author
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The rapid development of technology and the changes in reading ways have promoted the research related to Chinese characters, while the new patterns of information acquisition, dissemination and communication based on modern internet technology have posed requirements for individualized design of Chinese characters. In this paper, for providing a new rational and personalized design method for Chinese characters, 3 kinds of parameters as shape parameters, structure parameters and effect parameters of Chinese characters are defined. A database of common characters, stored in the cloud and developed in a Crowdfunding way, is designed for providing design elements. Parametric Design System and the relevant application prototype is established, which is based on the rule of form and structure of Chinese characters, and the analysis of application interface characteristics. Then, the parametric design of Chinese characters can mark the information dissemination with a personal imprint in the context of modern technology and culture.


Chinese character Strokes Structure Parameter Design 


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