A Study Customer Journey Map for User Experience Analysis of Information and Communications Technology Service

  • Jin Ho LeeEmail author
  • Min Ji Kim
  • Sung Woo Kim
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Prior research has shown that UX designers of ICT service experience various difficulties while using Service Design methodologies. This is because the characteristics of Service Design and of UX Design greatly differ; Service Design is deployed in physical space and time, while UX Design is deployed on screen with the focus on UI elements. Also, in terms of the range of design, the entire service in macroscopic perspective often becomes the range of design in Service Design, whereas the Touch Point of user and the product becomes the range of design in UX Design of ICT service. In this context, the purpose of this study is to investigate how the design methodology of Service Design should be customized when applied to the UX design of ICT service. This study was conducted around the Customer Journey Map among methodologies of Service Design. First, this study collected opinions on how the UX designers of ICT service use the Customer Journey Map while working on a UX design project and the limitations they faced. Then, a Customer Journey Map that is appropriately customized to the UX Design of ICT service will be suggested based on the findings.


Visualization Hierarchical task analysis Customer journey map Use experience design User research Service design Information architecture ITC service 


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