Usability Evaluation of Kinect-Based System for Ballet Movements

  • Milka TrajkovaEmail author
  • Mexhid Ferati
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Since the 1800s, ballet education is influenced by the use of mirrors. The aim of this study is to evaluate a Kinect-based system called Super Mirror, to discover if it has an impact on the usability in ballet instruction. Ballet students were evaluated on eight ballet movements (plié, élevé, grand plié, battement tendu (front, side and back), passé and développé) to measure the Super Mirror’s impact. The results show a potential usage in ballet education but improvements of Super Mirror are needed to comply with the standardized subject-matter expert’s criteria.


Usability Kinect Ballet User evaluation 



Authors would like to thank Joao Beira and Sebastian Kox for offering the Super Mirror system for testing and providing technical help. We thank Prof. Snezana Filipovska, Ph.D. and Prof. Slagjana Spasenovska, M.A. for the insightful input regarding the fundamentals of ballet, through which many of the ideas in this paper were developed and shaped. We would also like to acknowledge the students from the State Ballet School, Ilija-Nikolovski Luj from Skopje, Macedonia who participated in the study.


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