What Do Patients of Different Medical Illness Say About Their Doctors Online? An Analysis of Online Physician Reviews

  • Ming-Hsin Phoebe ChiuEmail author
  • Chia-Lin Chang
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This study aims to understand the role and function of online physician reviews as a process of health information communication, as well as the applications on medical practice and patients and caregivers’ medical decision-making process. It collected online physician reviews from two Taiwan-based health information websites - Good Doctor and Health and DocHos. The analysis framework comprised four aspects: (1) length of reviews; (2) moment in the medical encounter process is reviewed; (3) themes of the reviews; and (4) review intents. In addition to analyzing the structural and textual characteristics of online physician reviews, this study took a step further to identify the relationship between patients of different medical and how they evaluated a medical encounter. In this paper, findings were reported and implications in improving physician-patient communication and patients’ empowerment were discussed.


Online physician review Content analysis Physician-patient communication Physician selection information 


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