UX and Usability on Smart TV: A Case Study on a T-commerce Application

  • Andrea IngrossoEmail author
  • Valentina Volpi
  • Antonio Opromolla
  • Eliseo Sciarretta
  • Carlo Maria Medaglia
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9191)


Smart TVs offers new possibilities of interaction, due to the peculiarity of the device and the presence of apps. However, more usability studies on Smart TV apps are needed in order to improve the quality of the user interfaces. So, in this paper the authors focus on the interaction between user and Smart TV through remote control. In detail, they test with the users an e-commerce (or more specifically, t-commerce) application on Smart TV.


T-commerce Smart TV User experience Usability Interfaces 


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  • Antonio Opromolla
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  • Eliseo Sciarretta
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  • Carlo Maria Medaglia
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