Building Local Cultural Landscapes

  • Paolo ColarossiEmail author
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The “Plan for Local Cultural Landscapes” (PLCL) presented here is not supposed to be some form of planning with normative value defined by national or regional law but rather a process that consists of several stages and features to direct landscape interventions. The underlying motivation for the construction of a PLCL is that to make quality landscapes (in summary, a beautiful landscape), i.e., the purpose of the objective of a good living, it is necessary and useful to promote and build local processes, namely processes that affect the scale of the small-size landscape. A plan of the local landscape integrates top-down planning by treating assets not identified by the same or the precise details identifying possible interventions on parts of assets identified by institutional planning. Ultimately, a PLCL should not be the instrument capable of arousing, stimulating, and realizing in operational terms the attention and care (i.e., love) of inhabitants for their own territory.


Local landscapes Inhabitants Minor cultural resources 

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