The Use of Ultrasound in the Management of Thyroid Disorders

  • Mira MilasEmail author
  • Maisie Shindo
  • Elena K. Korngold


Controversies affecting ultrasound as it is used to manage thyroid disorders are unlike controversies elsewhere in medicine, where differences in opinion may exist as to the best course of therapy. Ultrasound is accepted as the key imaging technique for the thyroid gland and the evaluation of thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer, and associated cervical lymphadenopathy. The nature of controversy here relates to the challenges of standardizing best practices. Questions that arise include who should perform ultrasound and ultrasound-guided thyroid biopsy, what is appropriate training and accreditation, how are essential elements of professional guidelines being followed, and why is there significant variability in ultrasound report content and disease pattern recognition. The degree to which these topics are controversial varies across national regions, hospitals and medical institutions, and community practice settings. Effective responses to these challenges include promoting ultrasound education and communication about ultrasound findings among physicians involved with the care of patients with thyroid disease.


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