Error Estimates of Four Level Conservative Finite Difference Schemes for Multidimensional Boussinesq Equation

  • Natalia KolkovskaEmail author
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A family of four level conservative finite difference schemes (FDS) for the multidimensional Boussinesq Equation is constructed and studied theoretically. A preservation of the discrete energy for this approach is established. We prove that the discrete solution of the FDS converges to the exact solution with a second order of convergence with respect to space and time mesh steps in the first discrete Sobolev norm and in the uniform norm. The numerical experiments for the one-dimensional problem confirm the theoretical rate of convergence and the preservation of the discrete energy in time.


Solitary Wave Time Level Finite Difference Scheme Discrete Solution Discrete Energy 
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This work is partially supported by the Bulgarian Science Fund under grant DDVU 02/71.


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