Efficient P2P Approach for a Better Automation of the Distributed Discovery of SWs

  • Adel BoukhadraEmail author
  • Karima Benatchba
  • Amar Balla
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 373)


In this paper, we present a scalable approach for visualizing and browsing the search space of available Web services to effectively and efficiently resolve the problem of distributed discovery for Semantic Web services (SWs). We investigate the use of matching technique of ontologies OWL-S, an approach to provide a collaborative mechanism to discover basic SWs distributed among all peers in a purely distributed and heterogeneous P2P network. Our scalable approach is based on the matching technique of OWL-S in order to reduce the time complexity of the distributed discovery for SWs with respect to their semantic similarity, to simplify the management of the P2P network, to optimize the ratio of service exchange and to ensure the quality of service. The network peers offer their SWs to other ones in a distributed and heterogeneous P2P computing, and are able to use distant services to improve system responses to requests by the system that are asked. The experimental results show that the proposed approach enhances the network scalability while providing good overall performances. Also, we show that our approach can perform more effective and efficient distributed discovery of SWs with low cost in P2P computing.


SWs Distributed Discovery P2P Computing Matching of Ontology Similarity Measure OWL-S process model 


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