Heterogeneous Resource Selection for Arbitrary HPC Applications in the Cloud

  • Anca IordacheEmail author
  • Eliya Buyukkaya
  • Guillaume Pierre
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9038)


Cloud infrastructures offer a wide variety of resources to choose from. However, most cloud users ignore the potential benefits of dynamically choosing cloud resources among a wide variety of VM instance types with different configuration/cost tradeoffs. We propose to automate the choice of resources that should be assigned to arbitrary non-interactive applications. During the first executions of the application, the system tries various resource configurations and builds a custom performance model for this application. Thereafter, cloud users can specify their execution time or financial cost constraints, and let the system automatically select the resources which best satisfy this constraint.


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  • Anca Iordache
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    Email author
  • Eliya Buyukkaya
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  • Guillaume Pierre
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