Pantheism and Spirit as Substance

  • Peter Hulsroj
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If everything lives on will your spirit also live on, perhaps as part of the Great Spirit? For many pantheism is easier to embrace than a personalized god, yet the idea that god lives in everything, and that individual spirits join the Great Spirit upon death, does not resolve the immortality dilemma of wanting to retain personality and individualized consciousness. That a spirit eventually joins a greater whole is a beautiful thought, particularly for the bereaved, but meets with the usual abhorrence if continuity of the self is what is sought. Pantheism may be understood as a beautiful way of giving up the self, but it is no way to retain it. Spirit as a substance which can join with other similar substances means that the spirit that is yours might divide upon death. Hence your spirit might not take residence in, say, a stone, but rather as a quarter of a lettuce head, a tenth of a rain worm, and a fifth of a granite stone.

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