Death Elective

  • Peter Hulsroj
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If the future reality will be that humans will be able to choose their own life times, or even immortality, it might be understood as the realization of the libertarian dream. The ultimate liberation from the dictates of life and death. Yet, the freedom gained will be of the most terrifying kind: choosing rightly might win you everything, choosing wrongly might make you lose impossibly much. Death elective would put us in the existentialist angst situation of Kierkegaard and Sartre; it would give us the burden of continually having to decide for life or for death. Every death would be a suicide. But death elective would not be just a burden. Every time an individual chooses not to die it would be an affirmation of the joy of life. Existentialism becomes a life enhancer in the vein of Kierkegaard, not only a coping mechanism.

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