The Medicated Good Death

  • Peter Hulsroj
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If it accepted that the desire for immortality is often motivated more by fear of the death experience and of non-existence than the wish to live forever, the better alternative to immortality might be to provide for a good death. Various medications, like Prozac, is making it possible to provide for a happier death, if the dying should so wish, yet we tend not to inform the dying about the range of options available for a medically induced nicer death. The reason is primarily to be found in our own morality, and the perspective that a human being should follow the arc of life and death without artificial colouring. Just like we do no advocate Ecstasy for dealing with life we do not think Prozac is a proper alternative for dealing with death. But why should this be our choice, rather than that of the individual? Looking at ever-longer life times we find much to like, as long as we do not allow ourselves to over-indulge. Looking at the good death we find that progress has given us new options, and will give us more. If the remedy against over-indulgence is a good death, society should be intent on providing as many options as possible, and allow well-informed geriatrics to choose their own best ends.


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