Longer Life or Immortality?

  • Peter Hulsroj
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Should humans abstain from seeking immortality, and instead seek for ever longer lives – lives that will be so long that all true enjoyment can be satisfied. If life will be ‘on tap’ how do we choose not to have any more – will we choose wisely? Would we not over-indulge, just like many do on the abundance of food? Perhaps we should as a society monitor at which point the push for longer life does not lead to more general happiness, and when that point has been reached we should abandon the quest for the ability to provide more life, let alone to provide immortality. Such a decision would be for a generation which would not itself suffer the consequences of its decision. The decision to stop the quest would only affect progeny. That being so, how could such a decision ever become permanent, however? Surely new generations would just re-start the quest. The reality might be that once we have bitten the apple of knowledge there will be no way back. Still, we might ourselves take us back, because in the future we may be tempted to ultimately live purely virtual lives. An eternal life of dream might then turn into a self-destructive nightmare!


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