Choosing Life!

  • Peter Hulsroj
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If humankind not only gains immortality, but can also clone DNA combinations of the past, how will it use this power? If parents can be recreated will that be a more attractive choice than creating a child with a loved one? The re-awakened parent might have lost history, might have no continuity of consciousness, but will be possessed of all the features the child has grown to love. The parent will not have gained immortality by having gained life through cloning, but the child will have gained comfort from the recreated personality. If procreation will be supplemented by the ability to recreate strings of ancestors, evolution will be twisted and lives might be relived in parallel to new lives being lived for the first time. This will lead to Earth being overcrowded unless rationing of new life will be introduced. Or it will lead to colonization of new celestial bodies – with the possibility that the human species will branch out, and ultimately give rise to rather different subspecies. Perhaps immortality on Earth will give rise to universal and diverse human life.

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